The firm AMETEK / Solartron, distributed in Spain by TECNASA, carry out recovery studies of electric vehicle batteries

The WMG department of the University of Warwick in collaboration with Nissan LEAF has conducted a study on the recovery of used electric vehicle batteries for use in “second life”.

The study deals with the evaluation of used batteries in order to determine their susceptibility to subsequent uses. This evaluation includes an algorithm developed by WMG, in collaboration with Nissan LEAF and Ametek, that quickly and reliably determines the health status of the battery from impedance spectroscopy measurements, using the Solartron 9300-R battery analyzer for this.

This 3kw output analyzer per channel, allows the measurement of EIS up to 10 kHz simultaneously on all channels with real-time data analysis, and includes regenerative technology for better energy use and direct disk storage to avoid transfer overload data to the PC.

More information in this link.

Tecnasa is the exclusive distributor in Spain for Ametek electrochemical equipment.