TECNASA installs and starts up the liquid scintillation counter HIDEX 300SL in the HESPÉRIDES Oceanographic Ship

The BIO “HESPÉRIDES”, the only Spanish vessel designed to carry out multidisciplinary scientific research in all the seas and oceans of the planet, including the Arctic and Antarctic zones during the northern and southern summers respectively. For future campaigns, TECNASA installs the Hidex 300 SL liquid scintillation counter, which incorporates advanced counting technology with a double or triple coincidence ratio (TDCR) in a compact design. This advanced technology allows unparalleled ease of use and comfort for liquid scintillation counting.

The standard model 425-020 is the most suitable for universities, research centers and the pharmaceutical industry for nuclear and biological investigations (cell studies, measurements of cytotoxicity and detection of the primary consumption of C-14, sweeping tests …).

Being equipped with the option of alpha-beta separation and PMT`s of low background, environmental concentrations of alphas can be measured as Rn-222 or Ra-226; Low energy betas such as H-3 and Sr-90 and other isotopes.