Intraoperative breast radiotherapy through X-rays with optimized treatment times

Our Papillon + equipment is the only current system that irradiates the patient with the highest dose rates in the market for intraoperative X-ray equipment. This will allow you to develop treatment times of only 2-3 minutes. If we compare with the usual times (from 12 to 15 minutes) it is possible to understand the advantage that the Papillon system provides in terms of decreasing the time that the anesthetized patient, and in the operating room, must support. The high dose rate provided can also be understood by the radiobiological benefit it can provide.

Both in a clinical setting of patient treatment, very high dose rates on cancer cells in a very short time, and in a field of research on the benefits this may imply. The Papillon + is an X-ray treatment system of only 50 Kv. At the radiological protection level, this favors the use of equipment in rooms without the need for additional armoring, with minimum security systems that the equipment itself incorporates.

It is additionally a mobile system and totally wireless. In an autonomous way, the equipment can be driven to the different fast acting operating theaters and, given its ability to communicate wirelessly, comfortably.

Papillon + as the reference in the treatment of colon-rectal cancer

Papillon + is the “state of the art” among treatment teams in colon-rectal cancer using X-rays.
The Papillon + was developed to optimize the technique that Professor Papillon created for the treatment of this type of tumors.

Incorporating the highest dose rate of a device with these characteristics and improving the ergonomics and control over the firing parameters, a system was achieved that, for patients is early stages of colon-rectal cancer, will allow the treatment ambulatory of the same.

The benefit in reducing complications that other techniques can bring (impotence, incontinence, …) gives us an idea of ​​the importance of our system.