Easy to use ozone monitors for industrial applications

Are you looking for equipment for ozone measurements in a wide concentration range?

We have the answer

The monitors from our supplier 2B Technologies belonging to the Model 106 series have great versatility and perfectly cover ozone measurement in a wide measurement range. The series consists of the models: 106-L (0-100 ppm), 106-M (0-1,000 ppm), 106-MH (0-10,000 ppm) and 106-H (0-20% by weight). All of them measure ozone concentrations used in industrial processes.

These ozone monitors are portable, energy efficient and easy to maintain. All four concentration ranges are available as either desktop, OEM or industrial NEMA wall mount units.

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Model 106-L NEMA
Model 106-M in a standard tabletop box
OEM version of the 106-L

Do you need an accurate ozone monitor for a wide variety of industrial applications?

We have the solution you need

The Model 106 series uses UV absorbance as the measurement technique.

This technique allows the instruments to perform ozone measurements that are accurate, reliable and with a low detection limit.

2B Technologies ozone monitors are easy and simple to operate.

The required maintenance is usually easy to perform and can be carried out on your premises. Calibration is annual.

The versatility of the Model 106 series instruments allows them to be used in a variety of industrial applications.

Some of these applications are: water treatment, cold storage, disinfection, sanitation, in addition to many other industrial applications.

2B Technologies instruments used in water treatment
Ideal for measuring ozone cold storage rooms for fruits and vegetables
Monitoring of ozone used for disinfection against viruses

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